ERRE DUE Bronze 2022 - Summerful

The new Bronze Collection of ERRE DUE "Summerful" draws its inspiration from the brightest summer. The one coming our way.

The summer of ERRE DUE is our high season. The hottest noon of the year. The era of unpretentious shine, but also of the most bold statement images.

The woman of Summerful Collection is full of summer.
She lives under the sun. She feeds on its rays. She breathes the ocean breeze. She vibrates with the energy of the tropics.

The Bronze Collection is inspired by the sun, the light, the tropical nature, the sea flowers, the totally red corals and the alabaster shells.
Faces and bodies caressed by the sun. Cool radiant skin.
Bronze sparkles and glossy shades in pink and coral tones.
Lips painted as if they have just bitten a watermelon and a peach.
Hands like delicate corals.
All shades of bronze and coral.
Discreet glitter but also statement orange.
Nude lips. But also lips with a strong distinct contour.
Warm earth tones throughout the range of brown and sand.

This is our summer. Finding us together again.
Sensual, magnetizing, seductive, bright, wonderful.
Together full of summer.



The sun rays lazily caress the skin and give light and unpretentious glow to the face and body with the all-over Radiance Cream.


All the sparkle of the summer and the colors of the hot afternoon are captured in the Sparkling Bronzer. A powder with a fine, silky texture and glow microspheres with a satin finish for a sunburned look.

413 Terrestrial Twists


Warm bronze and coral shades promise fiery looks with the innovative Luminous Trio Eye Shadow. A combination of three shades with a unique composition and delicate silky texture.

603 Flaming Elegance


Summer is our high season. Seductive, three-dimensional lashes full of saltiness and ocean breeze with the waterproof XCESS 3D Mascara.

01 Black


Glossy, juicy lips as if they have just tasted the delicious fruits of summer, with the new shades of Crystal Lip Glow.

102 Timeless Luxury, 103 Sun Illusion


The sun is setting, dressing the sky with warm pastels and nude tones like the Exclusive Nail Polish 719, up to bold, intense coral like the Pro Gel Nail Polish 575.

719 Exclusive Tippy Toes, 575 Pro Gel Cherished Coral

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