ERRE DUE Spring/Summer 2022

The new ERRE DUE Spring / Summer 2022 collection "Spring in You" is inspired by Spring itself. The most lively, impetuous, colorful season of the year that, following the long winter, comes to wake us up with its irresistibly raw beauty. The ERRE DUE woman personifies Spring, full of life, beauty and power. Reborn like nature in the spring. Daring. She wears the colors of flowers.

Spring in You

She is feminine, sensual, bold, awake. Full of confidence.

But also full of contrasts.

Spring is full of contrasts, just like the new collection "Spring in You".

Strict lines but also sensual romance. Mystery and sparkles. Intense colors and statement looks.

All shades of pink. From pastels and nudes to bold intense coral. Rich earth tones in the whole range of brown, beige and butter. Deep raw sparkles from the earth's mineral gems. The whole range of green. From natural green and mint to lime.

Highlighted cheekbones with palettes of pink. Sensual, juicy lips reminiscent of flower petals. Eye shadows in the color of pink sky, but also in shimmering greens. Emphatic looks that make a double statement with double winged eyeliner. Cool skins that pulsate with youthful freshness.

Spring is here and we are together. Charming, wonderful, colorful. Women.

We are reborn together. We bloom together. We dare together.

And this Spring together more beautiful than ever.


Make-Up Color Palette 627-628

The Spring Nature Palette blooms in your eyes with 6 satin and matte eye shadows, painting looks bold, sensual, intoxicating like the pink sunsets we adore. From pink sky to shimmering greens, all shades of pink and green awaken the most feminine, charming woman you have inside you, the one who is reborn, more beautiful than ever.

Make-Up Color Palette 627-628

Blush & Glow Palette 403

Highlighted cheekbones as never before with the 3 bright satin shades of pink create revolutionary looks. The face becomes a canvas on which Spring is imprinted bright, luminous, full of confidence.

Blush & Glow Palette 403

Plumping Lip Gloss 401-402

Juicy, sensual lips look like cool flower petals that shine in the first light of the sun and reflect the freshness and carefreeness of youth.

Plumping Lip Gloss 401-402

Exclusive Nail Lacquer 717-718

The romantic pink pastel combines with the power of the optimistic lime for a firework of colors on your hands. Spring in its absolute version.

Exclusive Nail Lacquer 717-718

Pro Gel Nail Lacquer 571-574

The shades of nature on your hands. From natural green and mint to purple and pink, a wonderful multitude of colors pours everywhere, filling the world with beauty, power, life.

Pro Gel Nail Lacquer 571-574

Extreme Lasting Black Eye Marker 24HRS

Emphatic, seductive looks with double eyeliner for double statement. Intense dramatic look but also unpretentiously innocent and playful. Dare the absolute trend and stand out.

Extreme Lasting Black Eye Marker 24HRS 201 Midnight

Extreme Curling Effect Mascara

Dynamic, mysterious, feminine as ever. But also full of contradictions. Irresistibly beautiful, with bright eyes, full of meaning and provocative lashes with excellent curve, extreme volume and panoramic effect.

Extreme Curling Effect Mascara 901 BLACK

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