SS 2021: Brave new you

The new ERRE DUE collection ‘Brave new you’, for the 2021 Spring-Summer, is inspired by today’s dynamic female. A woman who is fearless and does not back down. A woman who dares. She dares to come forward. To speak, to express herself.

She dares to show her most feminine side. To support her point of view. To make a statement with every look. To stand full of confidence in view of every challenge. She is empowered. She is reborn. She is enlightened. She lives in the moment. She is brave. She is a pioneer. She is charming. Her presence cannot be ignored. She fills the space. She makes all eyes turn. She does not have an attitude. She embodies an attitude. Spring is the time of year that marks nature’s rebirth, and it also marks her own rebirth. Her new self is stronger. Braver. More charming than ever. ERRE DUE is by her side in this momentum. To dare together. Bold shades of purple, a matte and pearly finish, shine and pastel spring tones compose the color palette of the new collection ‘Brave new you’.



Glowing Eye Shadow is inspired by the woman of today, who dares to express herself and stands confidently against any challenge. It is an eye shadow with rich color and an intense pearly finish, making a statement for her every appearance. Innovative composition that helps absorb oil easily, applicable delicate texture and a long-lasting uniform result. Available in two bright purple shades.

Glowing Eye Shadow

MATTE EYE SHADOW 401-402-403-404

Her presence cannot be ignored. She makes all eyes turn. She is dynamic. She chooses the new Matte Eye Shadow, an eye shadow with full color and an intense matte effect that bears the ERRE DUE signature. It has a thin, silky texture that offers an easy, uniform and long-lasting application. Available in four must-have shades.

Matte Eye Shadow


She is alluring. She is a pioneer, as is her lipstick. Satin Liquid Lipstick has an innovative composition that turns into a supple, thin film on the lips, offering an unsurpassed comfort and an amazing experience of softness. It is a liquid lipstick with a rich, creamy texture, full of color with a satin effect, for beautiful lips that mark her new self. Available in two charming shades.

Satin Liquid Lipstick


She lives in the moment. She is present. Braver. More charming than ever. Glowing Blush has a rich, full color, giving her cheekbones a healthy, natural effect with a discreet glow. It has a thin, silky texture, for an easy, uniform and long-lasting application.



Together. We dare. She is bold with ERRE DUE, with two pearly, impressive shades for her nails. Exclusive Nail Lacquer is a nail polish that offers an incredible shine, a rich color and durability, while preventing nails from peeling and protecting against yellowing. Available in two new, bold shades.


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