Impressive nude and bronze tints, discreet metallic textures and sparkle elements are the inspiration for the new collection Bronze 2020 ‘Savage Ego’.

The star of the collection is the dynamic and rebellious woman of today who needs to escape from the demanding daily life, guided by her wildest and her most unruly instincts.

100 Yabba, 101 Dabba


It’s time for every woman to shine! The new Glowing Bronzer is by her side as an antidote against the anxiety over her daily overstimulation, giving a special glow and a unique sun-kissed look all over her face and body.

500 Betty & the Caveman


She lives for today, she loves challenges and she goes to extremes. This is the kind of woman who likes to stand out by highlighting her femininity with the new Glowing Powder. A powder with a thin creamy texture for a glow of luxury on face and body.

501 Savage Flare


She loves herself and adore the lipstick on her lips. The Color Wear Lip Crayon represents the uniqueness and authenticity of her modern personality. It’s a soft creamy lipstick in a modern, practical twist packaging. Enriched with macadamia nut oil for hydrated lips, it offers a rich color with a pearl effect and duration up to 4 hours. Available in a pearl nude shade that highlights her unruly ego.

534 Playful


Life is an adventure and she is always ready to live every moment to the fullest. She is spontaneous and she loves to live for today. She chooses innovative compositions that remain indelible in time and match her modern lifestyle. The Everlasting Liquid Matte Lipstick is a new generation of liquid lipstick, which gives a rich matte color and effect that remains unchanged for many hours. It has moisturizing properties, does not dry the lips and makes the application pleasant, giving a whole new perspective to liquid lipsticks.

623 Phoenix’s Return, 624 Lost In Heaven


Femininity is her weapon and the Perfect Matte Lipstick is her beauty secret. A soft lipstick with an extremely soft, velvety texture, rich color and matte finish everything she loves on her lips! Enriched with wild mango butter that protects and restores damaged lips.

819 Guilt, 820 Bliss


The "Savage Ego" collection is completed with the 5 new impressive shades of Exclusive Nail Lacquer that highlight every unique aspect of herself. A nail lacquer that offers rich color, shine and durability to the nails, while the application becomes super easy thanks to the specially designed brush, taking the experience to the extreme!

703 Coral Tango, 704 On The Rocks, 705 Pale Feelings, 706 Sunny Dream, 707 Bittersweet Gold


The "Savage Ego" collection is dedicated to the modern woman who defends her principles, pursues her dreams and walks defiantly and confidently towards tomorrow.

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