Pale shades with intensity, crisp lines, powdery textures and notes glowing compose the new SS 2020 collection "Liberated Expressions".

Against the background of poor neighborhoods with the narrow straits and the small temples of Kyoto, a woman's inner conflict begins by embracing her roots and her legacy while at the same time escaping from her family's conservatism and pursuing her dreams. Her heart leads her to the bustling cosmopolitan streets of New York, where people have fun day and night and wander the luxurious windows of 5th Avenue. Pale shades with intensity, crisp lines, powdery textures and notes glowing compose the new SS 2020 collection "Liberated Expressions".



Her conservative standards and her legacy conflict with her dreams and the search for the absolute femininity leads her to the new Make-up Color Palette. A palette with 10 eyeshadows in earthy tones that are uniquely combined with shades of romantic pink and intense burgundy color by capturing the inner conflict of the protagonist. It has a thin, velvety texture and gives an intense, uniform color with a long duration. A palette so special that it could only bear the ERRE DUE signature.

531 Romantic, 532 Dynamic, 533 Dramatic


She wanders from the narrow streets of Kyoto to the bustling streets of New York. The Color Wear Lip Crayon is an all-time classic soft creamy lipstick in a modern, practical twist packaging. It is enriched with macadamia nut oil for hydrated lips and offers a rich color with a satin matte effect that lasts up to 4 hours. Three unique shades, from light pink to bright cherry, harmoniously embrace the collection.

201 Forbidden City, 202 Lost Dynasty


A journey which is rich in images and emotions from yesterday to today with modern aesthetics of intense shades and impressive textures. The Glowing Blush embraces simplicity and gives it a new dimension with a healthy, natural result and a hint of refined glow. Soft, delicate on texture, it spreads more easily and evenly, it has a long duration and excellent color performance. Available in two bright shades, inspired by the luxurious windows of 5th Avenue.

521 Ballet


She chases her dreams and escapes to the modern world. She loves innovation but embraces classic while keeping her memories alive. The Silky Premium Lip Definer has an innovative composition that does not smudge, does not fade and does not bleed. It offers a rich, full color result that lasts up to 7 hours, emphasizing the dynamism of the modern woman.

301 Golden, 302 Brunette


The protagonist liberates and expresses herself and creates using modern techniques and innovative ideas. The Perfect Brow Tint Pen 24hrs is an eyebrow makeup pen which is inspired by the microblading technique. Its specially designed comb-shaped tip offers accuracy in the application, fills the gaps and imitates the appearance of real hair for a natural effect on the eyebrows. It is waterproof, no-transfer, resistant to sweat and it stable for up to 24 hours. Available in two shades.

619 Lips Do Lie, 622 Get Red-dy!, 625 Pink Up Girl


Her heritage remains indelible in time and the Everlasting Liquid Matte Lipstick must stay on her lips. A modern generation lipstick with innovative composition that offers rich matte color and a result that remains unchanged for many hours reflecting the modern lifestyle. Enriched with moisturizing properties, it does not dry the lips and makes the application pleasant by giving a new perspective to liquid lipsticks.

557 Red Chamber, 558 Peony Blossom, 559 Romantic Dreamer


She is the ultimate woman but she sees life from a different, more romantic point of view. She elegantly combines past and present and exudes power through simplicity, with the Pro Gel nail polish in 3 new shades in tones of innocent pink and sexy red.

625 Romance Of The Three Kingdoms


The Liberated Expressions collection is a journey of searching for the woman who embraces her legacy but at the same time escapes the conservatism of her family and pursues her dreams on the bustling streets of New York.

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