Xmas 18: Festive Sensuality!

You are wandering the illuminated streets of Paris, a great neon sign... Le Cabaret captures your attention!

Your body refuses to resist the attraction and without realizing it you are at the entrance gazing enchanted at the scene. The epitome of femininity captivates the audience, while the accompanying band makes your body rock subconsciously.

Experience the magic of this night with the new Xmas '18-Le Cabaret collection of ERRE DUE. New products that offer star shine on lips and eyes, that share vinyl kisses, that have a sensual embossed pattern. A unique assortment bordering on fetish will make this Christmas the brightest ever. A collection that will turn you into a star of the legendary Cabaret of Paris. It's time to shine, live, dance, enjoy without inhibitions!

The show begins and Lumicolor Creamy Eye Shadow stands out with two unique shades, taken from the Cabaret's opening curtains, for a warm and promising look that lasts all night.

The glow from the lights meets your seductive look Starlight Creamy Eye Shadows. The two attractive shades will surely magnetize the crowd. Worn alone or on top of any other shade they offer unique eye makeup looks and impressive results.

Vinyl Liquid Eye Liner 24hrs with intense black and vinyl effect is erotic! Its waterproof composition is surely your weapon for the most festive dramatic looks.

Τhe Little Black Corset, Blusher & Highlighter, inspired by an intoxicating night in the cabaret, have a scandalous mood and a tiny corset pattern for a seductive color on the cheekbones and a unique glow on face and body.

The night in Paris never ends and the lights reflect on your lips with Starlight Lip Cream. Worn Alone on or over any lipstick they offer a refined glow to your lips.

The evening would not be complete without Vinyl Lip Lacquer in an intense, rich vinyl red color that promises fiery and passionate kisses.

The new Perfect Matte Lipstick of ERRE DUE has an erotic mood and is a must for your makeup looks this Christmas.

The curtain falls, the lights go out and the Xmas'18 Le Cabaret collection is completed with the 3 new Waterproof Lip Designershades. Waterproof composition and long lasting properties are just what you need to keep your makeup in place during the wild Christmas nights.

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