Main instincts, pure beauty, dynamism and sensitivity formulate the Pure Instinct of ERRE DUE. An instinct that reinforces feminine nature, highlighting its femininity, energy and self-confidence. Follow it, discover your own instinct and imprint it to your make-up! The result will drag you away. Earthy tones, beautiful pinky nudes and all shades of red are painted in this autumn canvas and highlight the irresistible beauty of nature. With the tools and secrets of ERRE DUE you can be sure! Follow your instinct ...!

The Extreme Wear Color Eye Marker is an eye liner in pen for intense, full color with matte finish and precision to the application. It features a 3 in 1 nose and promises a fine, wide or bulleted eye liner line. It has a waterproof composition that does not smudge, nor fades and lasts up to 14 hours. It has perfect performance, even when applied over make-up or shade.

The new Matte Liquid Eye Liner, for the ultimate matte, extra-black effect, makes the line of eye liner easier than ever. The special nose ensures precision in the application, as well as the creation of fine or dramatic looks, while its composition does not smudge, nor fades and resists to the sweat. Unbelievable durability for unmodified make-up for up to 10 hours.

The Water-Resistant Eye Shadow, offers intense color and satin finish for a seductive look. Thanks to its innovative composition, the color is not collected in the eyelid folds and it offers a uniform coverage and shine. Tremendously easy to be applied and extremely long lasting.

Mascara for absolute length, incredible eyelash curve and Panoramic effect. Panoramic Lashes Mascara, with creamy formula, enriched with Vitamins C, E and olive extract, offers the eyelashes hydration, elasticity and durability, while protecting and nourishing them! Extra black effect, water-resistant and silicone brush for easy application.

Perfect Brow Powder. The new brow powder with fine texture of ERRE DUE fills the gaps evenly for the finest, well-formed eyebrows. Natural, matte finish that lasts. Its specially designed brush offers easy application and precision in the eyebrow shape.

Draping Color Palette comes back with new, earthy shades and becomes a significant part of the sweet, winter make-up. It smoothes, gives color and distinctive shine to the face and cheekbones, highlighting the corners of the face, while providing a natural effect. Draping technic in just 3 steps.

Perfect Matte Lipstick of ERRE DUE offers extremely smooth texture and rich color to the lips. It contains wild mango butter for repairing the damaged lips and deep hydration that lasts. This winter, the series is enriched with three delightful shades.

The best seller Full Color Lipstick of ERRE DUE promises a rich, full color, while offers moisture and volume to the lips, thanks to the hyaluronic acid that it contains. The two new shades are responsible for the daring, warm, winter ... kisses.

New Colors in the Exclusive Nail Lacquer Autumn Palette of ERRE DUE. The perfect red and the pinky nude provide a new mood to your nail looks. Rich composition, delightful colors and dazzling shine make the composition of Exclusive Nail Lacquer unique.

The Last Minute Nail Lacquer, with its special quick dry texture, has a long durability and rich, full color. Its hi-tech brush makes its application very easy, in just 2 layers.

The Pro Gel Nail Lacquer line of ERRE DUE comes also renewed with two more shades of deep red and Bordeaux for the hottest winter. A 10-day semi-permanent nail lacquer, without lamp use, with a revolutionary composition of rich color and an incomparable shine.

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